Rogue Company Developer Update: New Map, Shooting Range, Balances, Nerfs and More!

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Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games' new title Rogue Company has been seen all over Twitch the last couple of weeks.

Now, the company behind the MOBA Smite has provided an in-depth developer update with news about the future of the game.


Let's take a look at all the news they shared!


Full Video

Before we dive into all of the news they shared, you can check out the full developer update here, or down below!

Welcome to our first episode of This Week in Rogue Company! Join Game Designer @PrettyHair for a quick look at what we're doing to make #RogueCompany a better game for us all. ūüí™
‚ÄĒ Rogue Company (@RogueCompany)
July 31, 2020



New Map

During the closed beta there was a total of seven maps playable in Rogue Company; now, they have announced that sometime in mid-August they will be adding the map Vice.


Shooting Range

A practice range to hone and master your gun skills will become accessible in August as well!


Deserter Penalty 


This is a common feature in online PVP games such as Valorant and CS:GO. They will be adding this feature to prevent players from constantly playing one play down during a match. 


Balances and Tweaks

Below is a list of all the changes they are making to weapons or Rogue's themselves: 

  • Scorch's Overheat - Duration reduced from 15s to 10s
  • Smoke Grenade - Expands to full quicker, and disappears quicker
  • Flashbang - AOE increased
  • Lancer Striker 9X10 - Slightly increased the range at which damage starts to fall off
  • Dallas Target Finder - Updated ability icon¬†
  • Anvil's Barricade - Ability description updated to include breaking glass
  • ¬†