Rocket League: We Miss Cycling Through Opponents In Casual

There have been a lot of changes thanks to Rocket League season 4 (the second of their name, first of the free-to-play, and most yeehaw of their friends). Amongst the ones that people have been clamouring for, like more tournaments, more types of tournaments, and the number four, are also features like the new Casual system.

The new system in Casual means that you can vote to forfeit instead of just leaving a Casual match, and frankly, it’s a little bit stressful when you’re on the losing side of things, especially if your teammates are choosing the Dark Side when it comes to how to encourage you. On the flip side of things though, it’s destroyed one of the most entertaining ways to win in Casual.

How many opponents should a three-player team have?

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One of the best feelings in Casual used to be having your opponents cycle themselves through. There were games when you could score 11 goals and have scored those against 11 different opponents. The ability to join a Casual match on a team that was down by multiple goals was always something we enjoyed, and it was because of this that you could have so many foes to beat.

It’s a kind of satisfaction that no longer exists in Rocket League because the new system is designed to discourage people from leaving, which gives Casual a bit more weight than it used to have. We’re not against it, not really, but the loss of having beaten down so many people in the course of a five-minute match is something we weren’t really expecting to miss.

Actually, we also sort of miss joining a team that had basically no hope of winning too. There was something intensely freeing about ending up in a match with no chance of success, but it also wasn’t your fault, so you felt as though you could just chill out and try out some new mechanics or go for tricky shots. We do actually like the new system most of the time, but alas, there’s probably no pleasing us.

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