Rocket League Volleyball Needs To Become Official

Rocket League is meant to be car football (not soccer, sorry American). It’s two teams doing passing plays trying to get past the defensive lines of the opponents and score more than the other team. That’s not the only sport we have in Rocket League now though, and every single one added changes the game substantially.

With both Hoops, which is basketball, and Snow Day, which is hockey, being mainstays of the extra modes, it’s important to think about what other sports could be integrated into the game. We’re obviously suggesting this as an Extra Mode, and not as a change to the core gameplay, just in case anyone believes we’d do otherwise.

Nice Serve!

I’ve actually been thinking about this one for a while, but I thought I’d do a quick search to see if it already exists. Of course, it does, everything does, there are no original thoughts anymore. Anyway, Rocket League volleyball is obviously a good idea, because Jon Sandman covered it in truly chaotic and loud fashion.

The current version of it has everyone able to move around as they want, which is very akin to what we all imagine when thinking about beach volleyball or less serious matches. However, if you’ve ever watched the excellent anime Haikyū!!, or probably any other less weeby ways of learning about volleyball, you’ll know that players normally have set positions to cover.

This means you could theoretically divide the court into eight parts, four on either side, and then have one player guarding each, unable to leave their section while the ball flows freely through each of them. It would add in a tactical layer where teams could try and target the weaker players, or create tension by specifically hammering shots into one part of the opposing pitch. We’re not sure it’s possible, but we do know that we want it now, so maybe Psyonix could make it happen? Please!

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