Rocket League's Getting Free Items For Monstercat's 10th Anniversary

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From July 5th, Rocket League's celebrating Monstercat’s 10th anniversary by giving away a free Player Anthem and Player Banner. Having provided much of Rocket League's soundtrack, they've held a long established partnership with Psyonix.

Having been founded in 2011, Monstercat are looking to celebrate their 10th anniversary next month and as part of that, we've got a new Rocket League event incoming. For those looking to pick up some new items, here's everything we know.


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Which Items Are Free?

All players get the following two items for free:

  • Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds (Player Anthem)
  • Monstercat 10 YR Player Banner

What's Included In The Monstercat 10 Year Fan Pack?

This premium pack offers players 10 different Player Anthems, which are:

  • Are We Still Young - Grant (ft. Juneau)
  • All I Need - Slushii
  • Alone - Marshmello
  • Crab Rave - Noisestorm
  • Everything Black - Unlike Pluto (ft. Mike Taylor)
  • Nevada - Vicetone (ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
  • Potions - SLANDER & Said The Sky (ft. JT Roach)
  • (Title) "Monstercat OG"
  • Stronger - Stonebank (ft. EMEL)
  • We Won't Be Alone - Feint (ft. Laura Brehm)

How Do I Get These Items?

Both sets will be available within the Item Shop. While you won't need to play for the 10 YR Banner or Disconnected, the Monstercat 10 Year Fan Pack will be available for 1000 credits. Both go live on July 5, 2021 and are available until July 14, 2021.