Rocket League Women's History Month: Events, Cosmetics, Release Date and More

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Rocket League is a great game for those looking for a fun, yet competitive expereince.

WIth a range of cosmetics. you can personalise and play the way you want!

What do Psyonix have planned for Women's History Month?

New Events

To celebrate Women's History Month Psyonix will bringa new event for us to expereince in Rocket League.

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The "Goals For Change" event will come to the game towards the end of March. This will help to give back to important causes that help our community.


This event will also bring a few new cosmetics to the game. 

We already know of one wheel set called "Moonpaw Wheels" that will be free in the Item Shop for a short time. These wheels were designed by Prop Artist, Lyndsey Gunsallus.  

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We hope Psyonix will continue to add awesome cosmetics made by some talented individuals. 

Release Date

The cosmetics mentioned above are available right now!


It's unclear as to when the developers will add more content, but we can expect some new cosmetics throughout the month of March (Women's History Month).

We do know the Goals for Change event will take plave on the 24th March 2021, so set your calendars! 

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