Rocket League: What Is MMR And How Does It Work In Rocket League?

Rocket League Season 2 drops on December 9, and with it is coming a whole load of new content!

You can check out our other Rocket Pass guides on the site, including our one here on how to level up fast, but we’re here to talk Competitive Play for now.

In this mode, Season 2 is introducing tiers, so we’re here to explain how competitive is changing!

Here’s everything we know so far about what MMR is and how it works in Season 2 of Rocket League.

Season 2 Live

What Is MMR?

The post explaining MMR here may seem a bit confusing but if you take a step back it makes some sense.

Your MMR is how good Rocket League thinks you are, based on how you’ve performed in other competitive matches.

Though you’ll never be able to see this ranking.

Typically it will be higher than your displayed RP rank, which you level up earning Rank Points.

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How Does MMR Work?

Your MMR will determine the rank of players you will face, so having a higher MMR rank will pit you against more difficult opponents!

This is helpful as, say you are at Bronze and the game thinks you are a SIlver player, Rocket League will place you in matches with Silver players and the points you’ll earn will be much greater than if you’d just been matched against Bronze players.

Your MMR will, in effect, help players reach their actual ranks much more quickly, rather than having to grind out in easy lobbies.

Over time, your MMr and RP rank should match, as over time the game will grow to understand your ability level more fully!

Hopefully that explains everything, be sure to check out our other guides if you have any questions!

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