Rocket League: The Worst Mode In Existence

Now, you can like or dislike modes as you go, and that’s all fairly subjective stuff. However, it’s actually possible to create game modes that are substantially worse than any of the official ones thanks to the mutators you can activate in private matches.

Well, we think we’ve come up with what we think is probably the worst game mode in existence. Now, it might seem odd to want to learn about this, but sometimes you just need to mess around with your friends. Think about it as a kind of Rocket League prank, and we know everybody loves those. So, here’s what you need to know.

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This mode sucks and we’re sorry

  • Game Mode: Hoops
  • Ball Max Speed: Slow
  • Ball Type: Cube
  • Ball Physics: Heavy
  • Ball Size: Gigantic
  • Ball Bounciness: Low

With these settings combined, you too can have a truly horrible experience. Honestly, you can actually make this whole thing worse by adding in things like the time warp speed and heavy gravity, but it’ll probably be too painful, so we recommend just sticking with these settings, at least assuming you don’t want to really upset who you’re playing with.

The aim in the game is the same as in any Hoops match, and that means you’re trying to get slam dunks. However, the shape of the ball makes it damn hard to do this. This isn’t helped by the fact that it barely bounces and moves so slowly too. It’s frustrating.

You and your friends will likely spend a lot of time-saving each others’ shots and trying to pull off whatever you can to even get the cube to, ahem, play ball. The whole experience is frustrating all on its own, but what makes this truly the worst mode in existence, is that even if you do manage to get the cube into the hoop, the size of the ball means you can’t actually score. Now, you know this having read through the article, but your friends might not, so it’s imperative you try and keep them from finding this out for as long as possible to get the most possible suffering out of them.

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