Are The Rocket League Servers Down? Status Update On PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5 And Switch

Rocket League is now into its third season since going free-to-play.

The vehicular soccer video game has encountered a record amount of traffic in recent times.

But, with such high popularity, comes issues with the servers going down due to the high traffic.

Sometimes the servers going down is to implement a new update!

So are the Rocket League Servers down?

14th April 2021

The Rocket League servers may drop out later today, as Psyonix rolls out a new update.

While the game's support account didn't outright confirm this, there's always the chance.

When the update rolls out, be aware that there's every chance the servers will kick players off - but since the account hasn't suggested any downtime, we'd imagine it won't be long until you're back to driving, boosting, and backflipping.

You can check out the latest servers staus here

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