Rocket League Season 3: How To Rank Up Rocket Pass FAST

Rocket League Season 2 has just kicked, introducing a brand new Rocket Pass and a bunch of other content!

There are so many rewards to earn, including exclusive Pro Tier rewards reserved only for Premium Pass holders who can rank up beyond 70!

If you want to be able to show off your skills, and reduce the nearly 60+ hours it will take to level up, here’s our guide for Season 2 on how you can rank up your rocket pass fast.

How To Rank Up Your Rocket Pass Fast

Use Double XP Events

We won’t be mentioning these again, but just remember that all the XP you’ll earn below will be doubled during certain events!

Playing as much as you can during these times is sure to set you up to be able to rank up quickly!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on when the next double XP events drop in Rocket League.

Don't Leave Games

Be sure not to leave games, no matter how unenjoyable the match is.

You'll get a consecutive games bonus, which gives more XP (this is only available in casual games).

If you leave, this will be rest and you’ll lose out on big bonuses!

Playing with friends can help increase how much fun you’re having, even if you’re losing!

Win Games

This should go without saying, but wins earn you more XP than losses do.

Again, playing with friends can help you out a lot, but just playing frequently will help you improve your chances of winning too!

Play Lots

The more you play, the more XP you'll gain, seems simple right? Even if it's the odd game here and there, it's better than not playing at all.

You need a minimum of 50 points to be eligible for XP, this is to avoid AFK players doing nothing and hindering everyone else.

Here's a look at what points you can get:

  • Goal - 100 points
  • Aerial Goal - 120 points
  • Backwards Goal - 120 points
  • Bicycle Goal - 120 points
  • Long Goal - 120 points
  • Turtle Goal - 120 points
  • Pool Shot Goal - 120 points
  • Overtime Goal - 120 points
  • Hat-Trick - 25 points
  • Assist - 50 points
  • Playmaker - 25 points
  • Save - 50 points
  • Epic Save - 75 points
  • Savior - 25 points
  • Shot On Goal - 10 points
  • Center Ball - 10 points
  • Clear Ball - 20 points
  • Extermination - 20 points

Buy Premium

Premium unlocks a 5% XP boost at certain levels, so if you have some cash to spare, drop it into your pass!

Buy Levels

Speaking of which, buying levels can be a quick yet pricey way to level up!

You can use credits to buy either single tiers or bundles of them, so if you are hell bent on earning as many rewards as you can, buying levels could be the way to go!

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