Rocket League: Do I Get Anything For Completing All Season Challenges?

Rocket League Season 2 has just kicked, introducing a brand new Rocket Pass and a bunch of other content!

We’re here to run you through everything you need to know, and answer any burning questions you may have about the game.

So let’s get into it!

In this guide we’ll explain what rewards you’ll earn for completing all the Season 2 Challenges!

We hope our guide helps, and be sure to check out our others if you want to know more about Rocket League Season 2!

How To Earn The Season 2 Challenge Rewards

It looks as if you will earn rewards for completing all of the Season 2 Challenges!

Though this only counts for the free challenges, not the bonus challenges Premium Pass members will unlock.

Exactly how long it will take you to complete all the challenges we don’t yet know, but be sure to look out for our guides for any tricky ones!

According to the official Rocket League website you will earn, “a Rare, Very Rare and Import Drop.”

What Are The Season 2 Challenge Rewards

At this time, we don’t yet know what the rewards will be specifically, though they could just be random for each player.

But, we’ll be earning three of them which is awesome!

As we learn more, either through leaks or when all the challenges are completed, we’ll let you know what the unlocks are!

Until then, be sure to check out our other guides so you can Level Up your Rocket Pass quickly, and enjoy its rewards as soon as possible!

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