Rocket League: Could you learn to play like Firstkiller?

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There are a lot of incredible Rocket League players, but not all of them like to put out videos explaining how you can learn to play like them. Instead, some of them just play the game and crush it. Of all of the amazing players you could try and emulate, one of the best around is Firstkiller.

You can search around for videos on how you can learn how they play and try and incorporate it into your own playstyle, but it can be tricky to find things like that without a lot of legwork. The good news though, is that there are creators out there who are putting that work in for you, and one of those is Thanovic.


Check out this video and get good

The video above has Thanovic breaking down how you can learn how to play like Firstkiller. It’s an impressive deep dive into what makes Firstkiller so damn good at the game, and at the time of recording the video, Firstkiller was number five in ones and number 1 in twos, which is a truly staggering feat.

Thanovic isn’t exactly a slouch of a player himself. If you’ve never heard of him before, Thanovic makes some of the best Rocket League tutorials on the internet, and regularly goes incredibly deep on how to do specific mechanics along with more general advice on how to improve your game. Because of this, his video on Firstkiller has his signature tone of authority all over it, which makes watching the amazing gameplay more accessible.


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The video shows off just how important basic ground play is in Rocket League. We all like to fly about and try and hit amazing aerials, but Firstkiller is a master of the ground, and his control and game sense really shows off how important the basics are in Rocket League. Now, that’s not to say that what Firstkiller does is basic, because it’s not, but it’s a lot more accessible than a lot of what you’ll see in pro plays, and that’s because he’s consistency is unparalleled.

You need to do yourself a favour and watch this video, because you’re definitely going to improve if you can take on any of the tips listed, let alone if you can manage to assimilate all of them.