A new clan and player title have been created for Rocket League, to replace the White Hat reward

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By now, it's hard to imagine Rocket League not working so well, and many forget that this is the result of 13 years of work. The Rocket League of today is the product of many updates, fixes, and lessons learned from being a sequel. Rocket League's smoothness and quality have only grown as the game has matured thanks to Psyonix and others' hard work.

But it wouldn't have happened without the contributions of unsung heroes along the way who have participated in the quest to make their beloved car-soccer hybrid even better. Psyonix has benefited from the endeavors of these white-glove contributors by exposing game-breaking bugs that could be exploited and repeated to one's advantage and reporting them straight to the company's developers.


Usually, they received a reward for their efforts. Those who submitted helpful claims were honored with the White Hat topper, the most valuable, rarest item in the game. Unfortunately, this will not be the case anymore.

White Hat Hackers and the history of Rocket League

'White Hats' are heroic hackers who are not interested in hurting others and are instead looking for faults and loopholes to report to the original source. Psyonix bestowed the White Hats between 25-30 times during the nearly six-year run. However, this was not much, and unless the player wore the hat, no one else would know. Winners began to sell the hats to other players, and for thousands of dollars at times.


Psyonix and Rocket League are now owned by Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite. Epic Games is incentivizing hackers to detect game-breaking bugs utilizing a monetary reward system, removing the need to sell. The two original White Hat owners, Null and Cobra, were granted special titles. Their banners will permanently read "White Hat Legend," honoring the art of the White Hats.

What is the new way to honor a White Hat Hacker?

Rocket League has introduced a new verified Clan into their game to honor those who have put the game first. About 30 players are already part of White Hat Receivers, which calls itself the 'White Hat Mafia.' This top-tier clan in Rocket League is very prestigious and exclusive.

They also created a Discord server for these members and anyone who purchased the item from them. It isn't that exciting, but it's cool that they committed to doing this. Rocket League hasn't forgotten those who have contributed to its success. We look forward to seeing multiple clans and people continuing to make the game better in the future.