A famous Rocket League Modder named CinderBlock was hired to be a developer of the game

CinderBlock, who was once a mod developer, has accepted a position to become a gameplay programmer on RocketLeague. CinderBlock tweeted out an image of his new 'Limited Player Title' of 'Developer.' This is a massive milestone for any modder or programmer, and it is worthy of praise.

CinderBlock started as a modder for BakkesMod, which explains the [BM] at the beginning of his Rocket League username. According to CinderBlock, he started modding so he could accomplish this. CinderBlock is genuinely an example of hard work paying off.

CinderBlock was instrumental at BakkesMod

A third-party mod for Rocket League, BakkesMod adds a lot of features for training and fun. Their SubReddit offers a space for users to request new mods and features. There are arguably no better mods for Rocket League than those provided by BakkesMod.

Several people know CinderBlock from his work with BakkesMod and consider him essential to its success. On this Reddit post update, followers of CinderBlock applaud CinderBlock's success.

This makes it easier for modders to move up to developing games outright

Video game programmers, level designers, or animators are known to provide examples of their work when applying to jobs. Bethesda, for example, has the GECK and asks for levels designed by potential applicants to assess how well they understand Level Design. Modding has always been regarded as one of the best ways to demonstrate how well one understands an engine or system built by a game development studio.

CinderBlock's move to Rocket League's official developer raises hope for anyone using the modding community to obtain a job in the game development industry. There aren't too many news stories about modders becoming developers, but that is always welcome.

We at GFinity congratulate CinderBlock on this new opportunity and wish him every success. Hopefully, CinderBlock can use his experience to bring Rocket League to even greater heights of success.

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