Reaper 2 race tier list - All classes ranked (October 2022)

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Image from Reaper 2, showing a Roblox character with anime stylings
October 15, 2022: Reaper 2 is getting updates again. Check out the tier list to get started.

Diving into Reaper 2 on Roblox but aren't sure which race suits your play style? Our Reaper 2 race tier list breaks down the three choices of character you can make, so you can spend less time thinking about the decision and more time actually living with your choice.


Our Reaper 2 race tier list will explore the three races in the game, grading their attributes, rarity, and skills before sliding them into what we deem to be their rightful spot on the Reaper 2 race tier list.

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Reaper 2 race tier list (October 2022)

Ranking Race
SSoul Reapers

The Reaper 2 race tier list above may look a little light and borderline pointless at the minute, but there's a solid reason behind each and every ranking. You'll eventually have to play around with each of the three available races, so it makes sense to know where each stands in terms of collective rarity, skills, and attributes. Even if you prefer one over the other, knowing each inside and out will help you fight with and against them.


Each has a different playstyle and combat approach, with sub-races within each group. As such, there's plenty to try, so we recommend diving into Reaper 2 to choose which race suits you best. Just use the tier list above to get a general idea of how they stack up.

While the Soul Reapers are the best class for combat in Reaper 2, it's also still worth trying out the other two. Quincys are the rarest and as such can be most elusive in battle, and Hollows are slightly more common, but are better for ranged attacks. Therefore, the best race will often boil down to personal style, so it's worth giving them all a try before deciding which to main.

The Quincy is a great class according to the Reaper 2 tier list.

What is the best race in Reaper 2?

If we're just talking about ascetics, the rarity of the Quincys make them the best Reaper 2 race. They have a 15% chance of spawning when you first dive into the game, making them a lot more elusive than most. However, they aren't necessarily the best race in the game for combat - that is actually the Soul Reapers, who are the most common race.

They have the greatest number of variations within all of the races, with a total of nine different Shikai you can roll. When playing as a Soul Reaper, you're transformed into a Shikai once you hit level five. You'll even have the chance to become one of the rarest Shikai. As such, it actually makes more sense to rank them rather than the races. So, here we go:

Reaper 2 Shikai tier list - What is the best Shikai?

Ranking Shikai name
SRyujin Jakka, Shinso
ASenbonzakura, Benihime, Katen Kyokotsu
BShode no Shirayuki, Sakanade

Across the fairly extensive Reaper 2 Shikai tier list, Ryujin Jakka, Shinso are the ones you should seek out if possible. It's rare to have three options at the top of a tier list, but they truly do hold out well against each other while reliably beating out those in the tiers below.


How do I get more races in Reaper 2?

As hinted at earlier, becoming a new race in Reaper 2 is very much down to the luck of the draw. There's no pre-match lobby or a way to select your race prior to the game starting. Therefore, there is no way to pre-determine which of the three races you'll become.

Equally, you can't unlock and switch between races either. Each game of Reaper 2 will be totally random. While some may be disappointed that they can't choose a race to focus all of their energy on, it does at least mean that there's always plenty of variety in the gameplay.


How can I keep up with Reaper 2?

Assuming Reaper 2 continues to grow beyond its initial hype, expect plenty of new updates and changes to the tier lists. If you're hooked, we've compiled all the best places to check up on Reaper 2, so you can be aware of upcoming updates the moment that information lands.

Firstly, check out the Reaper 2 Roblox page for plenty of helpful details and quick-fire news drops. There's also a Twitter account for the game, and a Discord server, so you can chat with other players and become part of the community.

That's it for our Reaper 2 races tier list! We've gone over all three races in the game, weighing up the pros and cons of each, as well as explaining exactly how you can equip new races. With this knowledge, you'll be winning matches in no time!