Arena Champions Tier List - Best Champions

February 19, 2022: We added the new Pirate champion to the Arena Champions tier list and lowered Paladin in response to recent changes.

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Arena Champions is finally open to those wanting to get stuck into the latest Roblox offering, and you'll want to brush up on the Arena Champions tier list to help get you started.

Our Arena Champions tier list covers all the currently available Champions currently available, ranking them based on which we feel you should be looking to use when you first step into the Arena Champions world. Do be aware that a tier-list is based solely on the experience and opinion of the individual writing the piece.

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Arena Champions Best Champion Tier List

Poision Master
Pirate, Warrior, Warlock, Wizard
Archer, Berserker, Assassin

The above is our rankings of the eight available Champions at launch of Arena Champions, though as mentioned, this list is comprised solely off our own experience. Your results with a character will mainly depend on your experience and expertise, along with that of your opponent. A first-time S-tier character user is unlikely to beat an experienced C-tier character user, for example. Take your time and experiment with different champions to see what suits you best, then double down on developing your own style to overcome your opponents.

Who is the Best Arena Champions Champion?

There isn't a wide range of Champions to choose from currently, as the game was only launched earlier in February. The meta will likely change quickly as players get to grips with each champion, but we're swaying towards Poison Master from our experience playing the PVP arena game so far. Each character has four types of attack available, but the Poison Master's Ultimate attack 'Acidic Smite' tips him over the likes of the Warrior, Warlock and Paladin.

We also recommend trying out the Wizard, with the Heavy Ability 'Magma Bomb' and Utility Ability 'Flash Freeze,' both of which are incredibly effective for taking out a large number of opponents in one hit.

What is Arena Champions?

Arena Champions is a PvP Class based arena game in which you choose a Champion to battle other players in a team-lead battle.

While it may change as the game grows in popularity, for now, Arena Champions is very simplistic in its design in that it is just a raw arena PVP title, one that will not take long to pick up and master.

You can improve your chances of becoming the ultimate Arena Champion by heading to our Arena Champions code list, where you will find a range of different free rewards.

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