Roblox On PS5, Nintendo Switch, And Oculus Quest Would "Make Perfect Sense" According to CEO

Roblox Corporation's CEO and co-founder Dave Baszucki has suggested that Switch, PS5, and the Oculus Quest, alongside other platforms, would all be a good fit for the hit game.

Speaking in the company's Q1 2021 earnings call (via GamesRadar) Baszucki said that "Switch, PlayStation, [Oculus] Quest - all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox".

So while far from confirming that the game is coming to these platforms, it does suggest that the company is looking into bringing the massive multiplayer community to more players around the world.

Currently only available on PC, Xbox One, and mobile platforms, Roblox has ammassed a staggeringly high playerbase of more than 150 million active players (as of June 2020).

With the game wanting to continue to see growth, it makes sense that the company wants to bring it to more platforms, especially PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, which has a userbase of almost 200 million between all the platforms.

If you don't know what Roblox is, it is a game creation tool that allows users to create anything they can think of and play together, making it quite similar to Media Molecule's Dreams.

We might even see an announcement of these new platforms sometime soon, such as E3 2021 or Gamescom. But, these versions may also still be a while away. Stay tuned for more Roblox information as and when it emerges.

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