Rise of Cultures Codes - Free Coins and Food

Screenshot from Rise of Cultures, showing two rival armies at battle

Screenshot from Rise of Cultures, showing two rival armies at battle
March 23, 2022: Rise of Cultures codes still haven't been added to the game. They probably never will.

Checking for any Rise of Cultures codes? It's a smart idea. This hit world-building game from InnoGames has just come out of a lengthy soft launch with nothing but praise, and it's expected to get pretty popular. It's no surprise that players are looking for codes to get a little head start on the competition.

Codes in mobile games are certainly nothing new. In fact, we've built an entire codes hub just to keep track of them all. From giving out free premium currencies and summons, to the resources you would otherwise spend hours farming, future Rise of Cultures codes could offer just about anything, and it'd be wise to keep on top of them.

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All Working Rise of Cultures Codes

  • Rise of Cultures doesn't support codes just yet, so there aren't any!

The following Rise of Cultures codes were last checked and confirmed expired on March 23, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • There aren't any expired Rise of Cultures codes yet.
Screenshot of the Rise of Cultures in-game store, with gems for sale
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What Are Rise of Cultures Codes?

Since they aren't in the game just yet, we don't know exactly what Rise of Cultures codes will do. However, don't be surprised if they provide free boosts of in-game currency, to make your experience growing your world just a bit easier.

The main currencies in Rise of Cultures are Coins and Food - two terms that certainly trailed well through the ages. These function in two ways: letting you buy new developments, buildings and tools to upgrade your village, and keeping its inhabitants satisfied.

In the future, Rise of Cultures codes could also offer plenty of other freebies. Gems are a premium in-game currency used to skip research or other associated wait times, so players can dive straight back building up their civilizations with a skip or two.

They cost real money usually, so if InnoGames was to provide some Gems, it would hugely boost how fast you can race through some of the game's more grindy elements. Research Points would be hugely useful too, letting players unlock new barracks and other technological developments as their township evolves through time.

How Do I Use Rise of Cultures Codes?

While there isn't a code redemption process just yet, it's still useful to know how this may go down once Rise of Cultures codes do release. As such, we've compiled some instructions you'll likely have to follow to use your freebies once they drop, using other mobile games as a basis.

  • Boot up Rise of Cultures through the mobile app.
  • Head to the Settings menu, found in the Menu from the bottom of the screen.
  • Once codes are added to the game, there should be a 'Redeem Code' option.
  • Select that, and paste a code from our list into the text box, before hitting Redeem.
  • If the code is valid and working, expect a message detailing the rewards.

How Do I Get More Rise of Cultures Codes?

Until Rise of Kingdoms codes are implemented in the game, we can't be too sure how InnoGames will distribute them. These days, mobile games drop codes in all manner of ways; social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, during official livestreams, in patch notes and news announcements, and even sometimes through a dedicated community Discord channel.

Rise of Kingdoms codes don't exist yet, but you can get a fairly good deal if you really do need some premium currencies.
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How Can I Get More Rise of Cultures Gems?

While codes aren't here just yet to provide free gems in Rise of Cultures, there are other ways to get a hold of them. Sadly, as a premium currency, they're only available by spending real-life money. However, there are some benefits to new players purchasing gem bundles, that may help influence your decision.

Yes, Rise of Cultures has a one-time-only offer for new players, active for the first 24 hours after starting the game. This starter pack promotion offers a dose of free food, coins, and research points if you buy any gem bundle. That's the only way to get gems until Rise of Cultures codes arrives, so it may be tempting to some - and the promise of other currencies on top will definitely tempt some players.

That's it for our Rise of Cultures codes guide! While this town-building hit doesn't support codes yet, we'll be sure to update our list as soon as they do land, so you never have to miss out on the freebies.

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