The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack Review: Bonehilda's Return

The Sims 4 Paranormal stuff pack is the most recent addition to the long-running life-simulator, and it brings a new aesthetic to the game as well as new characters and a spooky new career path.

There's plenty to look forward to including a gorgeous flirty ghost man, and, of course, Bonehilda – but is it worth shrieking about?

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Back In Time

Whenever I get a new Sims pack, I always head straight into Create-A-Sim to check out the new clothing, hairstyles and more.

First impressions here are positive, and the clothes definitely have a vintage feel to them.

Scrolling through different colour swatches I realised many different items had similar patterns and colours.

I've found in previous packs that clothing was difficult to match due to the varying swatches so this was a welcomed surprise.

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Swatches Galore

I've always been a fan of all things quirky and odd, so when I opened up build/buy I was thrilled.

The pack brings a bunch of new items including plenty of colour palettes.

Certain swatches are definitely a little old fashioned but in the best way.

We also have some new interactive items like the seance table which allows sims to interact with those who have passed on.

You can also level your Medium skill by using the table.

This is a vital tool for those going into the Paranormal Investigator career, more about that below.

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It's Ghost Hunting Time

The newest career in the sims, the Paranormal Investigator, can be found in the Freelancer option.

I was ready to dive in but I needed a licence, earnable by talking to Guidry the Ghost to find out more or purchasing it from the Reward Store for 3000 satisfaction points.

This is where the Medium skill was important.

I began levelling up my skill by using the seance table doing actions such as Sense Spiritual Volatility and Commune with the Departed.

I found the higher my Medium skill the more options opened up, including group seances, invoking the dead and doing ghastly rituals.

I continued levelling up my abilities and FINALLY, there she was, my one true love, Bonehilda.

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The Skeletal Queen Of Cleaning Is Back

Who knew you could miss a bunch of pixels as much as I have this undead maid.

Level 3 of the Medium skill allowed me to summon the one and only Bonehilda.

She immediately began doing what she does best, cleaning, cooking and taking care of all the things I didn't want to.

You can even flirt with her if she takes your fancy.

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Even aside from Bonehilda's return, there's a lot to like about the Paranormal Stuff pack.

It's old-timey horror vibe and new career path are enjoyable and fresh for The Sims 4 – something that's impressive so long after the game launched.

Depending on your love of all things spooky, your mileage may vary, but if you're looking to recreate The Addams family in digital form, you can't go wrong.


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