PowerA Twin Charging Station for DualSense Wireless Controllers review - a must-have

The PowerA Twin Charging Station.

The DualSense is a near-perfect gaming controller. More than just a flawless modernisation of the DualShock model that served PlayStation consoles for so long, its haptic feedback has revolutionised console gaming. Zipping a web in Spider-Man 2 has never felt so immersive, and even the late-match fatigue of a player in EA Sports FC can be conveyed via the DualShock.

The controller's only downside? Its dire battery life. Even when charging it overnight or while the PlayStation 5 console is in standby, I always find a long gaming session ends with my controller left on one bar of battery. Maybe that's down to excessive use, but a controller packed with such revolutionary features really needs the longevity to display that for extended sessions.

That's where thePowerA Twin Charging Station steps in. While it logistically can't solve the problem of the DualSense's poor battery life, it does mean I've encountered a low-battery roadblock far less often.

Setting up the PowerA Twin Charging Station for DualSense is an easy process. It's a simple case of plugging the device into your mains power supply, and slotting up to two DualSense controllers onto the metallic indents to charge using the controller's bottom-side ports. The only issue I encountered was the lack of a GB plug or adaptor, as the product comes with a regular EU plug. That's likely just the review unit I was sent, however, so far from a big concern.

The PowerA Twin Charging Station with a DualSense controller charging.
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Once it's all set up, the product simply does what it says on the tin to a high standard. I haven't noticed my controller's maximum battery life drain at all in the month or so I've been using the dock, and find the upright standing display to be a very effective place to store it. This fits perfectly onto a mantlepiece next to a console, or a bedside table if you're more of a cosy gamer. The actual charging ports are staggered upwards, meaning the base is surprisingly small, so there's always room in your setup to move it around.

Even better, since the PowerA charging station for DualSense is licensed by PlayStation, it's adorned with logos that mean this doesn't fit out like any other third-party product in your gaming setup. Equally, it gives you the reassurance that it won't gradually syphon your DualSense's battery capacity, making that short battery life even shorter.

That said, the fact that you can't then use the DaulSense while it's charging on the dock is the only real drawback. I often use my PS5 to watch TV on my monitor, but since the DualSense's headphone jack becomes inaccessible when docked, it makes this impossible. It's a minor quibble, but it's worth having a charging cable laying around if streaming is one of the main ways you use your PS5.

Really, the highest praise that I can give the PowerA Twin Charging Station for DualSense is that it does exactly what it says on the tin, to a very high standard. Once you've tried wireless charging ports you'll never want to go back to plugging your controller into the console and charging via USB-C. In fact, it's now my go-to PS5 accessory to make using that sleek DualSense controller even better.

PowerA Twin Charging Station for DualSense Wireless Controllers review
The PowerA Twin Charging Station for DualSense makes using the PS5 controller much easier, safe in the knowledge it's charging efficiently in between gaming sessions. Once you use it, you'll never want to go back to old-fashioned cable charging.
PlayStation 5
9 out of 10

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