OlliOlli World Finding the Flowzone DLC review - Riding the wind

finding the flowzone

Finding the Flowzone is OlliOlli World’s second DLC add-on, adding another batch of levels to the wonderful skating puzzle platformer. Once again, I’m shocked Roll7 has managed to come up with yet another gameplay addition that fits the style of the game.

The main new feature this time is one called Wind Riding, which simply pushes you in a certain direction once you enter the windy area, whether that be on the ground, while grinding, or mid-jump. As you’d expect, it works remarkably well.

It’s simple enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the mechanics you’re already used to, instead being used more for exploration in Finding the Flowzone than as a trick modifier or additional combo opportunity.

Ride like the wind

Finding the Flowzone is much more about seeing a whole level and discovering the world than the main OlliOlli World game or the Void Riders expansion are.

Taking place in The Flowzone Layer, Finding the Flowzone asks you to find up to three map pieces in each of the new levels to progress, with the ultimate goal of finding the location of Radlantis.

Many of the pieces you’re looking for are scattered in easy to reach places you’ll grind past or jump over in any run, but others are tougher to find. To get them all, you’ll need to explore all of the Gnarly Routes, as well as the new Burly Routes.

olliolli world finding the flowzone
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You don’t need them all to unlock all of the DLC levels, but they’re an additional reason to replay the levels beyond trying to beat all of the rivals and get your highest score. The levels in Finding the Flowzone aren’t amongst the toughest when you include the main game’s offering, so having a reason to keep playing them is a real positive.

New routes and items

The new Burly Routes are also interesting as they make levels feel a lot bigger, taking advantage of the new setting. There’s now more than one alternate route in every level, adding even more replayability.

There’s also a brilliant degree of variety in Finding the Flowzone’s design. With each set of three or four levels based on different cloud formations, the style also changes dramatically too.

The first one is just above the ground, with balloons and animals floating around in the background, while the final one is more like an angelic, heavenly sort of design. That makes progression much more interesting in Finding the Flowzone, as you’ll see something new every few levels. And of course, the worlds that Roll 7 has created are as beautiful as ever.

Beautiful worlds again

They’re colourful, detailed, and I kept getting distracted by them at the most inopportune times during levels.

I didn’t enjoy the writing in the main game, but the dialogue is pretty unbearable in Finding the Flowzone. I don’t find it endearing or funny, and got to the point where I’d just skip it at the beginning of levels as I never found it added anything. If you liked it in the main game, though, you’ll enjoy it here as well.

Focus on the new levels and features though, and Finding the Flowzone is a great addition to OlliOlli World. They may be simple ideas, but it’s incredible that Roll7 keeps coming up with ways to add to the core game without making it feel complicated or over-stuffed.

OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone
Finding the Flowzone is another great addition to OlliOlli World. The new wind mechanic fits perfectly and the increased focus on exploration makes the most of the beautiful levels.
8 out of 10

Finding the Flowzone was reviewed on PlayStation 5, with code provided by the publisher.

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