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Noblechairs LEGEND headrest

Noblechairs LEGEND headrest

From its marketing to its name, the noblechairs Legend is an impressively flashy chair with the size and shape to stand out. It takes up space and has all the extra little parts to show off. With this comes an equally hefty price tag.

That price tag of just under £500 may leave quite a sting on your bank account but investing in your gaming setup is a great way of having a much better time. Fortunately, there are so many great chairs out there for gaming that gaming-branded chairs really need to step up their game to compete.

The noblechairs LEGEND feels like a real prestige chair with just a few things holding it back from being the best out there.

The build

The noblechairs box is imposing and comes with nice padding to avoid any issues in shipping. Everything feels thought through and it's a relatively easy build. For the most part, you click things together, put the right screws in, and go.

The noblechairs LEGEND
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It comes with some screws already placed in, that you have to take out and put back in with the right parts. This holds it together in transit and means that they need less plastic to move all those little screws. You get all the tools you need in the box and it is relatively easy to build it with just one person but I did use my own screwdriver.

One of the screws that were already in the chair was very stiff and I couldn't get it out with the screwdriver provided. This was pretty much the only hitch in building though as it is intuitive and just makes sense.

The aesthetic

Though there are tonnes of great colour choices and even the option to put your own design on the back, I went for the Java LEGEND chair. In front of my gaming setup, it is big but doesn't intrude all that much. Though it is noticeably a gaming chair, it is just subtle enough to work in my office setup.

If you don't like the angular nature of gaming chairs, this won't change your mind but the colours mesh well enough to work in most setups. Both part of its aesthetic and design, it comes with two small pillows you can attach and these look good. The frame is black and the pillows mimic the same colour giving mine a nice brown/black theme.

The noblechairs LEGEND
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Though my sofa itself is grey, the brown is an unintimidating one, working well in most rooms.

The feel

The noblechairs LEGEND feels great to sit in. The attachable cushions are soft and the chair is roomy enough to let you kind of sink in. This size does mean that those who are smaller may struggle to fully fit but it worked perfectly well for me.

The sides of the cushion of the chair go up, allowing you to fully fit into place and the armrests don't feel intrusive. Coming with a 4D setting, you can move the armrests up, down, left, right and diagonally. This means that, if you sit forward in your chair, you can change them to accommodate. A plastic base on them feels a little cheaper than the rest of the chair but the design is smart and stable.

The noblechairs LEGEND
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The chair also comes with all the comforts expected of modern gaming chairs. Underneath the left side is a lever allowing you to swing the chair back and the right has a lever allowing you to adjust your height. Unfortunately, the ends of these levers can come off which is a hangup of having to put them on to the chair yourself.

In Use

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been using the LEGEND as my primary chair for gaming (both flat and VR) as well as doing my everyday work. In this time, it has held up as a comfortable and sturdy chair. Though the bottom levers do occasionally come off and you may have to adjust those armrests.

This being said, the range of use, adjustable height and adjustable lean are great in use, being able to stay comfortable in quite a few different ways. It is a bit heavy and the setup had its problems but I could see myself using this for a long time.

noblechairs LEGEND
The noblechairs LEGEND is an impressively comfortable chair that may be a little too big and a little too expensive for some. If it's in your range, it's a fantastic choice.
8 out of 10

A review unit of the noblechairs LEGEND was provided by noblechairs

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