MegaModz Modded DualSense Edge controller review - Magic at a price

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an image of the basic dualsense edge

I considered picking up a DualSense Edge when it launched earlier this year as I continued to lie to myself that Warzone 2 was good. Much like we said in our review, I didn’t think it justified the price tag, so I held off on it.

MegaModz’s modded version of the DualSense Edge improves the controller even further with the addition of mods and some really unique advancements.

Cool but finicky mods

Before we get to the unique features of MegaModz’s DualSense Edge, it’s important to mention the mods package that comes installed as the most significant alteration.

They’re all designed to reduce the time between input and in-game action, or completely remove the need to press some buttons.

For example, the Quick Scope mod automatically shoots after you aim down sights, simulating a quick scope shot but doing so in the fastest time possible, quicker than any human could do so.

all possible mods for the megamodz controller
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The Quick Reload mod automatically presses triangle (switch weapon in Call of Duty) for you whenever you press square to reload. That means you’re doing the quick reload shortcut that’s possible in CoD faster than is humanly possible.

All these mods would be illegal in real competitive play, but they sound ideal for improving your game at home, even if they feel a little like cheating.

On MegaModz’s DualSense Edge, each mod is turned on using a little blue mod button and one or two of the standard buttons on the controller. Once activated, one of eight added LED lights on the back of the controller turn on. It’s worth saying that the physical changes MegaModz has made to the controller are expertly done. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were part of the factory design.

Fast fingers

Getting the sequence of button presses into your muscle memory is tough, and knowing what each LED corresponds to is a lot to remember, but if you’re having just a couple on at any time, it’s not too bad.

In the situations they’re designed for, they’re great additions to have on. In a fast paced fight, reloading as fast as possible can’t be a bad thing. However, mods can get in the way. If you’re using an assault rifle with Quick Scope turned on, you’ll still automatically shoot when you aim down sights, even if you’re just trying to track an enemy who’s a bit out of range. That’s when the mods can get frustrating.

the side mod button on the dualsense edge
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Realistically, to get the most out of each of the standard mods, you’re going to need to learn how to turn them on and off on the fly, so that they’re only active when you need them. For example, you’ll only want Quick Scope when in short range sniper fights, and off the rest of the time. Adding that ability to your reflexes while playing will be hard, particularly in inherently unpredictable games like Warzone, but doing so could be hugely beneficial.

The best way I found to get used to the mods was learning the process of turning one on and off when I needed it, mastering that, and then layering new mods on top one at a time when I felt comfortable doing so. It’s a lot of extra movement for your fingers, but it’s possible.

The placement of the mod button, which is on the right hand side of the controller, could be a bit better for turning mods on and off quickly, but it’s okay and is in a position that means you’ll never press it accidentally.

Magic back buttons

The other big mod feature, and the unique selling point of MegaModz DualSense Edge, is the advanced back buttons and what they allow you to do.

In all honesty, it sounds like magic and feels like cheating. The back buttons that come with the stock DualSense Edge are cool in their own right, but MegaModz have made them essential in the right situations.

Ever wished you could jump shot properly, or shoot as you start laying down? The advanced back buttons let you do something like that.

the back LED indicators that represent the mods on the MegaModz dualsense edge
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It’s a bit fiddly to set up and get used to. Get it going, though, and you can set the back paddles to press two buttons at once when you press it. For example, after assigning the inputs, one press of the right back paddle will simulate you pressing both shoot (R2) and jump (X) at the same time, performing jump shots every time you shoot a weapon.

Again, it can be a hindrance more than a help in some in-game situations, but using it at the right times can be wildly overpowered. You can also tie any two buttons to each paddle, performing the precise pair of inputs you want.

This is where MegaModz’ DualSense Edge stands out from the rest of their modded controllers, or pretty much any modded controller on the market. I found it wildly impressive the first time I tried it.

Not sure who it is for

MegaModz creation does suffer from the same problem the standard DualSense Edge does, however. As we questioned in our review of the base controller, we’re not exactly sure who the modded version is for.


It’s not for high level competitive players, as the mods are illegal in tournament play, and it’s not for casual players as they’re unlikely to care for the minimal performance boosts the mods give you.

Also, at full price, the MegaModz DualSense Edge is also $399, so not far off the price of a whole PlayStation 5 console (which comes with a controller anyway).

Therefore, it’s only a small subset of players that the MegaModz controller is for. You’ll have to be someone who is serious about shooters, wants to improve in a somewhat artificial way, and was already planning on getting a DualSense Edge. It’s quite a niche group of shoppers, but if that’s you, go for it.

The MegaModz DualSense Edge is an impressive upgrade on an already excellent controller. It’s smartly created and the mods themselves feel like magic once you get used to them. It’ll just be hard for 99% of PlayStation players to justify the price.

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