Hammerting Review: Mine Your Own Business

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Hammerting is a vertical mining sim coming to Steam October 27th.

The game is based around a group of dwarves who are making a colony within a mine/cave.


Created by Team17 (of Overcooked, The Escapists and more), it’ll be of little surprise to many that the publisher's take on mining has struck gold yet again.

Stop! Hammerti...ng?

Jumping into the game for the first time can feel a little daunting.

Luckily, there are handy tutorials/tips available, as well as the Steam community to ask questions.


I started to grasp the functions and controls quicker than expected.

It took me a little while to actually realise there were quests for me to do to aid those fighting wars above.

The requests started out with minor things like three copper ingots.

Gradually these quest requirements had a higher standard, such as swords.


I stumbled across the lore menu when I proceeded to buy everything I could (probably not the best idea).

The second time around I was a bit more strategic in my approach.

At this point, everything started to fall into place and I could see how it was all linked and that Hammerting isn't as complicated as I initially thought.

My Dwarves were instantly likeable, and I felt a pang of shame and sadness every time I misjudged their moves and sent them tumbling to their deaths.


The Verdict

I've been playing Hammeritng since the moment I installed it, and am unlikely to stop anytime soon.

I got a strong Stardew Valley vibe when I first started playing thanks to the game's pace, with players able to progress in their own way.

If Diggles: The Myth of Fenris was your jam, Hammerting will be too.



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