Divinity Original Sin 2 iPad Review: Better Than The Already Excellent Switch Port

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Divinity Original Sin II may be one of the best RPGs of the last decade. Offering smart writing, a great cast of characters, and Larian Studios' impressive choice-based gameplay, it's the total package whether you're playing in single-player or in co-op.

After arriving on PC, home consoles, and then the Switch, the titanic isometric RPG has found its way onto iPad – and it's much more than just a tech demo.

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Original Thin

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It's clear that the iPad has its own inherent advantages for gaming. The tablet is, as you'd expect, thin, and offers a much larger canvas than something like the Switch.

That certainly makes it appealing, especially when factoring in the higher resolution of Apple's tablets, plus the potential for keyboard support on the go. But to paraphrase Dr Ian Malcolm, were Larian Studios so preoccupied with whether they could, that they didn't stop to think if they should? After all, what can be gained in an iPad version that couldn't be done on the Switch?

As it turns out, Larian was right to push the boat out here, in part due to supporting only iPad Pro models from 2018 onwards. Divinity Original Sin 2 on an iPad may be one of my favourite ways to play the complex RPG.

Too Good To Be True?

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Jumping into Original Sin 2 on the iPad, the pin-sharp resolution is front and centre. At a quick glance you could be forgiven for thinking it's the PC version running via remote play, and while we weren't able to test the M1 iPad Pro's targeted 60 FPS, the game at no point felt sluggish on a 12.9-inch display at 30 FPS.

Once you're over the fact that this huge RPG is running in a piece of tech that fits into an envelope, the game's touch controls are impressive, too. Pinch to zoom works well, and the camera can be dragged with a finger. Menus feel tactile, too, and the game's turn-based combat remains as solid as it's ever been.

That said, you can hook up your Xbox controller or PS5 controller, too, but perhaps even more apt is mouse and keyboard support. On Apple's Magic Keyboard I was clicking and tapping away, although that does chip away at battery life.

Speaking of which, Divinity Original Sin 2 is a battery hog – so don't expect to play it for hours on end without needing to plug your tablet into an outlet.

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

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One of the best ways to play Original Sin 2 is in co-op, and I'm pleased to report that the game is just as fun for two players on a tablet. Sure, it's not quite the same display real estate for split-screen you may be used to if you've played on a PC or console, but dropping in and out with a connected controller or touch inputs feels impressive every time.

Oh, and returning players can pick up where they want – from the Mac version. If you've been playing on Steam, there's a workaround, but for now, it's a little finicky.


If you've got an iPad that can run it, then Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a must buy – and it's half the price of the Switch version.

The amount of control options, impressive visual quality, and the fact that the game is one of the best RPGs ever made make it well worth a download. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my party... on an iPad, which still feels ridiculous to say.


Reviewed on iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2020)

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