Cougar Gaming Explore S Review: Sturdy and Comfortable

Cougar Gaming Explore S Gaming Chair

Cougar Gaming Explore S Gaming Chair

Just before the Pandemic started, I had gotten a gaming chair to review. This chair lasted about a year before giving out spectacularly. Cougar Gaming swept in to save the day, sending me their Explore S to check out and keep my posterior and back comfortable while I write gaming articles and stream on Twitch.

The Explore S is one of Cougar's mid-tier chairs, just a step down from their flagship chair, the Armor Titan Pro.

The Core Vitals

Cougar Gaming Explore S reclining
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RECLINE: Need a nap? This chair can really recline!

Every gaming chair's core is a set of features such as size, weight limit, and more. The Explore S is considered a mid-size chair and has the following:

  • Diamond check stitching
  • Breathable PVC Leather
  • High-Density Mold Shaping Foam
  • Steel Frame
  • Fully Reclinable
  • 3D Arm Rests
  • 3" Wheels
  • 120kg (264.55 lb) Weight Limit

Unpacking and Assembly

Cougar's Explore S weighs 22.5kg (49.6 lb) and comes in a rather large box. The large size is due to the chair being assembled most of the way when it arrives. A new owner needs to place the wheels on the base, the base on the chair, and the back on the seat. The entire process took me around 15 minutes, and all the tools and screws needed were included in the box.

Comfort and Support

Cougar Gaming Explore S steel frame
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FRAME: The chair's steel frame keeps it strong

I have to admit when I first sat on the Explore S, I was disappointed. The seat was stiff and not that comfortable. However, after breaking the chair in, it became much more comfortable. Adjusting the height, pillows, recline, and armrests is a massive boon in customizing the optimal seating experience.

My biggest complaint with the chair is that it seems to tilt forward a bit too far if I sit too close to the edge of the seat. However, any other time it feels perfect.

What is excellent about the chair is the steel frame and the diamond pattern stitching. The former is ideal for piece-of-mind. Knowing the inside of the chair is vital and should last the test of time. In addition, the diamond stitching is attractive. It also provides extra support to the overall stitching of the chair, a problem my last chair suffered from, literally falling apart at the seams.


Cougar Gaming's Explore S is an excellent chair for the money, providing a comfortable and customizable experience without breaking the bank. As far as budget gaming chairs go, the Explore S is a great choice. While it may lack some features of a more expensive chair, it still feels like a luxury purchase for those who can live without 4D armrests and structural lumbar support.

Rating: 4/5

A review chair was provided by the manufacturer for this review

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