Resident Evil 3 Remake: How to get Magnum Ammo for the handgun in the demo

Resident Evil 3 Remake is launching on April 3rd, but players have been jumping into the demo on PS4, Xbox and PC.

While the regular handgun is able to pack a punch, enterprising explorers have been able to craft Magnum Ammo that deals much more damage to enemies.

Here's how to make it for yourself.

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How to craft Magnum Ammo in Resident Evil 3: Remake

If you head to the supermarket opposite the giant toy store, you can use the bolt cutters to get in through the front door.

Once inside, you'll find 'High-Grade Gunpowder' on the shelving, pick it up.

Then head to the Pharmacy and you'll find the same item on the shelving there. Combine the two together for .44 MAG Rounds.

According to the in-game description, 'these are the most powerful rounds on the market for semi-automatic pistols'.

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