Resident Evil 3 Remake: All character abilities for Project Resistance

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Resident Evil 3 Remake is launching on April 3rd for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players, but that's not all.

Players picking up the latest reimagining will get a bonus, too. That's because Project Resistance is included, a new asymmetrical multiplayer title.

If you're looking to jump in, you'll need to learn each Survivor's unique skills. Here's the list.

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Resident Evil Resistance: Character Abilities List

While Masterminds don't offer a lot of in-game abilities, instead relying on a 'loadout' of monsters and traps, each of the game's six heroes offers a fresh lineup of moves.

Samuel Jordan

Sam has high health and excels in close-quarters combat. He can use a Dash Punch to move quickly to attack, and his Fists of Iron ability increases the power of his melee moves.

January Van Sant

A hacker, January can obstruct the Mastermind's actions by knocking out camera when using her Overload ability. She also has an EMP ability that impairs cameras and makes each of a Mastermind's actions cost more.

Valerie Harmon

A chemist who fills the support role of a team, Valerie can mark nearby items and enemies to make them easier for teammates to find. Her First-Aid Spray ability can heal or buff allies, too.

Tyrone Henry

A firefighter, Tyrone can kick enemies in front of him with Power Kick and also use Rally to buff them against damage, reducing damage taken. 

Becca Woolett

The ideal character for gunslingers, Becca can use her Sentry Stance ability to increase her firearm proficiency in exchange for mobility. Bullet Storm, her second ability, will allow for a brief window of unlimited ammo.

Martin Sandwich

With a surname like Sandwich, you might be expecting Martin to end up as Zombie food, but his Makeshift Mine is ideal for placing an explosive to defend an area. On top of that, the Flash Baton can stop enemies in their tracks as well as blind them.

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