Resident Evil 4 Could Get the Movie Treatment Next

Resident Evil is being rebooted for the big-screen this year in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Aiming to provide a more faithful adaptation than the Paul W.S. Anderson movies that came before it, Welcome to Raccoon City re-imagines the first two mainline games.

Presenting a lifelike reproduction of Spencer Mansion and the RPD police station, bringing other entries to the big-screen is likely. Speaking in SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar), the film's director, Johannes Roberts, expressed interest in cinematically reproducing the fourth entry for the film's sequel.

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Resident Evil 4 Could Be Adapted In Next Movie, Raccoon City Director Hopes

Roberts showcased his admiration for Resident Evil 4, highlighting how the film would expand upon the game's lore and characters in a probable future film.

I am obsessed with the fourth game. I could very much see that becoming part of the next installment. There’s a lot of interesting lore and tiny details that we have brought into this movie, but would be amazing to expand on.
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Roberts also emphasised that Raccoon City is the beginning of a new film franchise. Introducing the series' most memorable characters with a horror tinge; the director hopes to utilise these stars in future episodes:

It would be great to look into that side of things as well. There’s definitely been conversations. We’ve really created some iconic characters with Chris, Claire, Wesker, and Leon. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Launching worldwide in late November/ early December, whether we'll see a sequel greenlit largely depends on the movie's box office performance.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 4 recently transitioned into VR with the Oculus Quest 2. We highlighted the terrifying experience's first-person mode and new inventory system as standouts in our glowing review. Fans can also look forward to Resident Evil Village DLC, which Capcom confirmed is in development.

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