Resident Evil 4 VR Excludes Mercenaries Mode and Other Additional Content

Resident Evil 4 VR launches tomorrow for Oculus Quest 2, but it's been confirmed that certain features won't be included.

Speaking with IGN, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that some of the game's unlockable modes - namely Assignment Ada, Mercenaries, and Separate Ways - aren't available within Resident Evil 4 VR. However, why they've been excluded for the Quest 2 port wasn't explained.

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Resident Evil 4 VR Won't Include Some Game Modes And Other Content From Original Version

These three game modes were available in the original Resident Evil 4 game once players completed the main story. Assignment Ada lets players control Ada Wong while getting plaga samples, while Mercenaries assign players to kill enemies and achieve a certain score during a given time period. Separate Ways allowed players to navigate Resi 4's whole story campaign as Ada.

Elsewhere, several voice lines and animations have been removed from the game involving Ashley. Facebook's spokesperson advised:

"Oculus Studios, Armature, and Capcom partnered closely to remaster Resident Evil 4 from the ground up for VR. This includes immersive environments and high-resolution graphics. It also includes select changes to in-game dialogue and animations that we believe will update Resident Evil 4 for a modern audience.”

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