Resident Evil Village: How to Get Past The Wheel of Spinning Spikes

The opening of Resident Evil Village is a harrowing and claustrophobic experience, with countless enemies and traps galore, but one particular trap is the wheel of spinning spikes that has given people a proper challenge. Here is how to get past it and ensure your survival.

How To Get Past The Wheel of Spinning Spikes

During the early sections of the game, you will drop down into a small room, filled with garbage and two cardboard boxes, alongside a huge wheel of spikes.

The cardboard boxes can't be broken as Ethan's hands are tied and you cannot make it past the spikes. So, what you need to do is instead avoid them by hiding.

To do this, head to the far left of the area and stay against the back wall (where you drop down). Don't advance up the room towards the spikes. In this corner you will find an alcove where the wall is deeper, offering you a safe space.

Ethan heads to the left corner at the back of the room to protect himself against the spiked wheel.
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As the wheel approaches, Ethan's chains will break and you can grab the objects which were in the cardboard boxes and continue on with your Resident Evil Village journey.

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