Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo - How To Get The Cheat

With players getting stuck into the experience Resident Evil Village is offering, not everyone wants to run through the game on repeat playthroughs having to scavenge for ammo. So, here is how to enable the Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo cheat.

Infinite Ammo Cheat - How To Get It

The Infinite Ammo cheat for Resident Evil Village can be unlocked after you have beaten the story for the first time.

To access this cheat, you need to head to the Bonuses option in the title screen and choose the Extra Content Shop. This shop uses a currency that is earned as you complete certain challenges within the game (CP). These challenges only become visible after you beat the game but progress in your initial run will count.

Infinite ammo for a specific weapon is only available after you unlock all the customisable parts from The Duke, as well as the Gunsmithy Upgrades. You can see a full list of the weapons available in the game here.

This is a costly endeavour, however, you can get around this by creating a manual save and then buying all the upgrades for a weapon and unlocking the infinite ammo cheat for that weapon in the Extra Content Shop.

From there, reload your save and you will keep the Infinite Ammo cheat you have unlocked and also get your Lei back which you just spent. You can then do this for all the weapons in the game to get infinite ammo for every weapon.

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Playing with Infinite Ammo enabled doesn't disable achievements and trophies so you can use this tactic to make some of the harder ones easier to get.

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