Best Resident Evil Village Performance Settings For PC

Resident Evil Village has been a huge success on PC, being the first game to reach more than 100,000 players on Steam. So, to make sure you are getting the best experience possible on the platform, we have pulled together our recommendations for the best PC performance settings.

Simple Set-Up

If you don't want to fiddle too much with the sliders and settings there are a few options for you. The first thing you can do is select the "recommended" option, which will choose the options automatically based on the memory in your graphics card. However, it won't always select the best settings for your build.

Other key options to choose from are the "prioritise performance" setting which switches off the demanding ray-tracing features and the "balanced" option which is an equal balance between graphics and performance.

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Advanced Set-Up

If you are looking to properly fine-tune your Resident Evil Village experience, there are a number of tweaks you can make to ensure the experience runs better for you.

The first option to ensuring things run smoothly is to run the game in 1080p and choose the prioritise graphics option. From there, ensure variable-rate shading, ambient occlusion, and subsurface scattering are all off, with light reflections, shadow quality, and texture qualities all set to high. Ray-tracing should also be set to high.

All of this should help to ensure the game runs smoothly for you and you have the best experience possible. There likely will still be a few issues, which Capcom is expected to iron out over the next few weeks as they patch the game.

If you are playing, be sure to check out our complete guide hub so you can read up on tips and walkthroughs to help you out as you play.

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