Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: How To Start And Capture The Games Most Dangerous Outlaws

Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters track down dangerous criminals and turn them in - dead or alive - in exchange for big rewards.

But if you're sick to death of tracking down low-level criminals for small payouts you can always choose to hunt down the games legendary bounties.

These outlaws are the most difficult targets in the game. They're harder to track, kill and especially more difficult to bring in alive.

Whilst that sounds like a lot of hard work, they're also some of the most profitable bounties you can collect in the game.

There are 10 Legendary Bounties in Red Dead Online, with each criminal having their own backstory which outlines why they're wanted.

But if you'd rather know some tips, tricks and info on how much you'll get paid for each legendary bounty, follow the links below.

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How to Start a Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty

If you're new to the game - perhaps thanks to the standalone Red Dead Online release - or simply returning to the game after a long time away, then don't worry, we'll explain everything you need to know to get you started as a fearless bounty hunter.

First off, players will need to follow the steps for the "A License for Bounty Hunting" quest, viewable on your map. 

As part of this quest players will be sent to the Sheriff's Office in Rhodes.

After you arrive a cutscene will show a Bounty Hunter bringing in members of the Twin Rocks Gang, before offering you the chance to join her as a frontier bounty hunter.

But before you can get started, players will first need to buy a Bounty Hunter license from the Sheriff at a cost of 15 Gold Bars. 

Once you've paid for your license, you'll next need to choose your target from the games bounty boards, which is where you'll also find the Legendary Bounties.

Where Are The Bounty Boards?

Once you have a license, you'll need to visit one of the many bounty boards found across the map.

You'll find bounty boards in any Sheriff Office, Train Station, and Post Office in Red Dead Online.

With every successful capture, you'll need to return to the bounty board and pick up a new and increasingly more dangerous bounty.

Bounty Boards also feature legendary Bounties. This will then give you a list of all ten to choose from, so make your selection to trigger a cutscene which then leads straight into the bounty hunt as a standalone mission. You only get two team lives, so use them wisely.

Legendary Bounty Difficulty

Each Legendary Bounty has a star rating system and every time you complete the legendary bounty it will increase in difficulty the next time you undertake it - up to a maximum of five.

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