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Red Dead Online Ghost Panther Location: How To Find The Legendary Ghost Panther

Like many, you likely find yourself hunting for hours in Red Dead Online.

Especially if that involves hunting a legendary animal.

Here's how to hunt and find the Legendary Ghost Panther.

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Legendary Ghost Panther

The Legendary Ghost Panther can only be found when in free roam.

The highest chance of it spawning is between 8 pm and 8 am.

Best conditions would be foggy or rainy weather.

You can find the Panther in the locations marked in the yellow circle below.

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Source: GTA Series Videos on Youtube

You'll have to do a few things to complete the compendium in the animal field guide including:

  • Track
  • Kill
  • Skin
  • Study
  • Sedate
  • Sample
  • Photograph

You won't be able to take a sample and skin the animal in the same encounter.

Meaning you'll have to find the legendary animal twice to complete the compendium entry.

Happy hunting!