Red Dead Online Standalone Update Countdown: What Time Is Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption Online Solo Release?

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Red Dead Online is becoming a standalone title later this week.

This will be the first time Rockstar has separated the online portion of their titles for a solo purchase.


It is an exciting time for players who want to check out the online aspect of Red Dead, but do not want to pay full price for the significant campaign.

The update is coming later this week, but there is a lot we do not know yet.

One part we do know is the release timing of Red Dead Online.

Check it out below! 



Red Dead Online should release around the same time PSN refreshes this week.

This is typically Tuesday of each week, and will occur anytime between 11:00 am EST to around 2:00 pm EST.

This is subject to change of course, and it could happen later or earlier than the listed times.


We are very excited for the release of Red Dead Online; as it will be another great adventure within the Red Dead universe.

In case you are wondering what is going to be included with this stand-alone, check out what Rockstar had to say via their blog post. 

"For the first time, new players who do not already own Red Dead Redemption 2 can experience everything Red Dead Online has to offer, including access to all future content updates"

"Forge your own path across any of five unique Specialist Roles. These include apprehending everyone from low-level criminals to notorious gangs as a Bounty Hunter, learning the secrets of the animal kingdom as a Naturalist or hunting wildlife as a means for source materials as a Trader, searching for exotic treasures as a Collector, to even running your own underground Moonshine distillery."


Exciting times for sure! Be sure to let us know if you are picking up Red Dead Online as a standalone game.