Rainbow Six Y7S2: Operation Vector Glare, Release Date, Operators, and More

Siege Y7S2 Update
Credit: Ubisoft

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June 13, 2022:

Following a slight delay, Ubisoft says Operation Vector Glare will begin on June 14. We've updated the hub to contain all of the changes arriving with the start of the season.

The seventh year of Rainbow Six Siege is well underway and as players continue to drop into the action, attention is turning towards the launch of the Y7S2 update. The first update of year seven saw the arrival of Azami and the Emerald Plains map.

As the year continues, Y7S2 will contain plenty of brand-new content for players to experience with the arrival of a new Battle Pass, Operator, and cosmetic items. In addition to the new content, a brand-new map will also arrive along with other quality-of-life changes included in the year seven roadmap.

With that said, find everything there is to know about the Rainbow Six Y7S2 update and Operation Vector Glare in our hub packed with the latest intel.

When Does The Siege Y7S2 Update Launch?

Ubisoft confirms the Y7S2 update will launch on June 14, 2022. The update contains a wealth of new content in addition to numerous bug fixes.

Operation Vector Glare Map

Contrary to recent leaks, the new map isn't set in Greece. Instead, the new Deathmatch map known as Close Quarter is based on a Tema Rainbow training facility

Rainbow Six Siege Shooting Range

Alongside all of the cosmetics, the Y7S2 update will feature a shooting range allowing players to test their skills. Similar to other practice tools, players can shoot targets from various distances but other than that, information on the feature is limited. More intel is expected to arrive nearer to the update's launch.

Rainbow Six Siege Shooting Range
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Credit: Ubisoft

Castle Elite Skin

Castle and Echo are rumoured to be the two Operators to receive Elite skins in Season 2. Echo already has the Tenkamusou skin but Castle is the only Operator from the original roster of 20 not to have an Elite skin.

Images on the Elite Castle skin should appear in the build-up to the Y7S2 update so stay tuned to see what's on offer.

That's all we know about the Siege Y7S2 update so far. Once we hear more information we will update the hub with the latest news. For more, check out Siege.gg for all the latest Rainbow Six intel!

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