Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft confirms plenty of fixes planned for tactical shooter

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Operation Void Edge, Rainbow Six: Siege's first operation of Year 5, is in full flow. The next operation is on its way at some point, but Ubisoft continues to push out near-constant fixes.

As updated on April 23, Ubisoft's blog that covers the game's top issues has listed what the team is currently working on.

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The headline focus here is definitely anti-cheat measures, with the team currently working on fixes for lobby freezers and improving collaboration with the BattlEye cheat prevention system. For such a competitive title, anti-cheat software that keeps things fair is a must.

The team is also working on increasing the requirements for Ranked and Champion Ranked, preventing spoof accounts from jumping into high-level competition and promoting a "clean Champion leaderboard". Hand in hand with that is an XP cap for PVE content, preventing players grinding against the CPU just to jump into Ranked play.

Finally, there is plenty of bug fixes incoming, too. A fix is scheduled for the next operation for an error causing players to receive "abandon sanctions" when leaving before joining a match, as well as players being stuck in Ranked matches with incomplete teams.

In terms of gameplay, the team's focus is on improved benchmarking, consistency with the way gadgets interact with props, and better in-game notifications when operators are taken offline for a period.