Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Chalet Rework: All The Changes To Keep Players On Their Toes

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Get ready, tactical shooter fans – Rainbow Six Siege is getting another new operation with Operation Shadow Legacy.

While the new Operators are an undoubtedly big draw, the Chalet map is getting more than just a lick of paint.


Here's all the info on what's new to avoid being caught out by the changes.

Chalet Map Rework

As per Ubisoft, here's everything that's different - but expect a full rundown in the patch notes that tend to arrive alongside the new season.

  • A major change on the Chalet rework is the ability to rappel all the way up and traverse the rooftop.
  • One hallway was added to improve rotation between the sites in the Basement.
  • Trophy site switched out for a new one in Dining.
  • The biggest changes are with Bedroom and Office. The stairs that led up from the first floor have been moved to connect Trophy. And a brand-new room replaces the balcony next to Master Bedroom: the Solarium.
  • The Bathroom no longer connects directly into Bedroom, but rather serves as a rotation point.
  • A few other noticeable changes include the extension of the Mezzanine to connect to Office Balcony (where most windows have been blocked), and Wine Cellar no longer being separated into two rooms.
  • There is also a window above garage to put pressure on attackers on that site.

Although it's not noted, the team has also removed that pesky horizontal window in the basement kitchen, something that caught me out more than a few times in the past!

For more on Operation Shadow Legacy, be sure to check out our full preview here.