Rainbow Six Parasite Footage Leaks, First Gameplay Details Emerge

Rainbow Six: Parasite (formerly known as Rainbow Six: Quarantine), has had some of its gameplay shared via Facebook Gaming.

With Ubisoft inviting players to a closed beta test, with NDAs in effect, one player decided to stream much of the game's opening tutorial – giving us our best look yet at how it'll work.

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Rainbow Six Parasite Footage Leaks, First Gameplay Details Emerge

So, what do we know? Firstly, we know that the game's missions will be called "Incursions", or at least that these will be a type of mission.

Each Incursion is broken up into sub-zones, and each of these has its own objective. Complete the objective, move onto the next sub-zone, but players can extract if things get too tough.

The "Parasite" in question are Archaeans, and these glowing-headed baddies are best avoided. In fact, it appears Parasite will offer a stealthier side to the tactical shooter franchise, with objectives focused on getting in and getting out with minimal fuss.

it also looks as though plenty of Siege's DNA can be found here, as you'd expect. There are six Operators in the technical test: Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Ela, Finka, and, of course, (Lord) Tachanka.

Each character has the same speed/health stats from Siege, as well as their gadgets. Players can also scout ahead with their drone, although these aren't confined to a set phase. 

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