Rainbow Six Siege: Goyo Rework Could Finally Launch With Year 7, Season 1

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Rainbow Six Siege often introduces balancing updates for its operators, but there's been a delay on the promised Goyo rework. Initially scheduled to arrive during Year 6, its now believed that'll finally arrive in Year 7, Season 1 (Y7S1).

That news comes from @benjaminstrike, who's previously (and accurately) leaked upcoming details for Siege. While they didn't elaborate with further details, Benjamin simply confirmed Goyo's rework is on the way soon.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Goyo Rework Could Finally Launch With Year 7, Season 1

Previously due to arrive last year, Ubisoft confirmed last November that more time was needed, stating:

We hate to make you wait a little bit longer, but Goyo’s rework still needs some more time. Originally announced during the Year 6 reveal, our team had ⁠— and still has ⁠— plans for Goyo, but as the year has progressed, other Operators have shifted and changed. We discovered that the change we have in mind requires us to completely redo his animations, [and] it has taken more time than originally anticipated.

In the meantime, Rainbow Six Extraction's due to launch next week, expanding upon Siege's Outbreak Mode into a new game. We had positive impressions during a recent preview, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more. Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5.

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