Rainbow Six Extraction Beta: Release Date, Sign-Up & Early Access News

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Rainbow Six Quarantine is now known as Rainbow Six Extraction, and it's coming soon - very soon, in fact, with Ubisoft's PvE shooter launching on September 16th.

It'll offer a twist on Siege's PvP formula, pitting Operators against an alien threat in various locales, with the key objectives for each run changing and enemies switching, too. While it can be played in single-player, its primarily co-op nature makes a beta feel inevitable.

Here's all we know so far, and we'll be updating this as we hear more.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Beta Guide

Release Date

As soon as a beta is confirmed we'll add the start and end dates here, but for now, expect it closer to the game's launch.


Siege's test server, where Ubisoft tries out fresh changes coming to the game, is a PC-only feature. While the beta is a different prospect, we'd still expect it to be confirmed for PC - if there is one.

On console, we'll have to wait and see. The same can also be said for Stadia and GeForce Now.


The game's site previously said players could get a "chance to play early" by signing up for a newsletter, along with a platform selection of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

This appears to have been removed, however. We'll update this page as we hear more.

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