PUBG Season 9: PC, PS4 And Xbox One Release Date, Rewards, Battle Pass, Skins, Paramo Map Changes, Weapons And Everything We Know

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PUBG Season 8 is coming to an end and it's time to look ahead to Season 9.

However, it's always fun to look ahead and try to figure out what we might see next season, whenever that might be.


What could Mr. PlayerUnknown have in store this time around?

We'll be getting a new dynamic map and two new battle passes to keep you enticed!

Release Date

PUBG Season 9

Image courtesy of PUBG

We're expecting PUBG Season 8 to last for the usual 12 weeks.

This takes us to an approximate date of October 21st for PC players, and a week later on October 29th for those of you on consoles.


Perhaps they will synchronise the release dates this time around? For now, it doesn't seem likely, but it remains a strange choice.

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Battle Pass

PUBG Season 9

Image courtesy of PUBG

TWO new passes will arrive in Season 9.

With Update 9.1, when you purchase the pass, you will gain access to earn exclusive rewards. The Season 9 Pass will be dedicated to the rich culture and aesthetic of Paramo.


However, this pass has been modified to accommodate for the shortened season. The second pass will launch with Update 9.2 and will be focused on an infamous PUBG character.

We expect it to cost £7.49 like previous seasons, and levels will be available to be bought separately.

We don't know what Season 9's theme will be at this stage, but expect appropriate cosmetics, weapon skins, and emotes to be available in the Survivor Pass.

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Paramo - New Map

PUBG Season 9

Image courtesy of PUBG


Great news, PUBG fans - a new map is coming.

Paramo features a volcano, and will offer a “dynamic landscape [that] will keep you guessing each drop”.

Hidden among the clouds is the mysterious and treacherous plateau of Paramo. Home to untold secrets and a very active volcano.

Image courtesy of PUBG

This small-scale map will be a true game changer with dynamic lava flows and locations that will change every time you drop in. Speaking of dropping in, getting to Paramo will be a unique experience as it is only accessible by helicopter.

Choppers will perform the dual responsibility of dropping off combatants as well as distributing care packages. Now if you don’t like waiting to find out where that package is gonna land, you can take matters into your own hands and shoot it down.


Check out the tweet below:

What secrets lie in the fog-covered highlands of #Paramo? Find out in #PUBG#Season9 !
October 10, 2020

It also looks like helicopters could be coming, too.

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New Content

PUBG Season 9

Image courtesy of PUBG

Season 8 saw some great changes, not least the loot trucks that act as mobile care packages.

According to PUBG Madison studio director Dave Curd, we're due for some “innovative and interesting” changes for Season 9, although he wouldn't elaborate.

We'd like to see PUBG differentiate itself from the likes of CoD: Warzone and Firestorm. Fortnite has its building mechanics, Apex Legends has its diverse characters, and even newcomer Hyper Scape has its Twitch mods and alternative win-conditions.

PUBG feels a little bit generic and a little bit stale at this point, so we'd like to see it embrace something truly unique - and genuinely "innovative".