PUBG Season 9: 60 FPS Coming to Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

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For console fans of PUBG, this Season 9 is sure to be an exciting one!

Now you can enjoy the benefits of your super powerful consoles and finally play in 60FPS.

This option is only available for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro players as of now.

Next-gen PUBG should also have these graphical enhancements too!


How Do I Play PUBG 60FPS On Console?

As mentioned in our opening, you’ll need either an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro to gain access to these benefits.

Next, at least for now, you’ll need to play on the PUBG Test Servers. 

The first Season 9 patch is currently live on those and the update comes via these servers.

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Once you’ve loaded up the game, choose ‘Framerate Priority’ option in the settings and you should be playing at a smooth 60FPS!

And there you have it.

One thing to note is that playing at 60FPS will bump you down to at most 1080p, no 4K 60FPS on consoles yet.


Why Play At 60 FPS?

60FPS gaming comes with some hefty benefits over lesser framerates.

These benefits become even greater for much higher frame rates as shown in this video by Nvidia.

The main advantage is smoother animations, which make tracking enemies somewhat easier and reducing motion blur which can make targets a little harder to hit.

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When Will The 60FPS Update Go Live?

Sometime next week for players who aren’t on test servers most likely, unless some huge bug is discovered.

And for all you regular PS4 and Xbox One fans, there are plans to bring 60FPS to them too.

Though, exactly what will be sacrificed to achieve that we aren’t yet sure.

As such, there isn’t yet a timeline for these consoles yet, and with next-gen almost here we wouldn’t hold onto too much hope.