PUBG Season 11 Survivor Pass Releases Sometime in April

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When is PUBG Season 11 Survivor Pass coming out?

Thanks to a curious PUBG fan on Discord, we have a better idea when the PUBG Season 11 Survivor Pass will release, though there’s still some lingering vagueness.

PUBG fan @PlayerIGN asked PUBG community manager Henry G. (aka Hawkinz_PUBG) on the game’s Discord, and Henry said it’s part of PUBG’s 11.2 update scheduled for launch in April.

When PUBG 11.2 will release in April is anyone’s guess at this point.

However, the Season 11 Survivor Pass release is in keeping with what the PUBG team promised at the end of Season 10 Survivor Pass.

In a Steam Community update, the team said Survivor Pass releases would no longer coincide with new PUBG Seasons, hence Survivor Pass 11 releasing after Season 11 starts.

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When will PUBG Season 11 Survivor Pass Release?

Season 11 Survivor Pass will release sometime in April.

Fans speculate it might be before April 15, though there’s no solid evidence for that so far.

What will PUBG Season 11 Survivor Pass Rewards Be?

Krafton doesn’t usually announce Survivor Pass rewards ahead of time, and Season 11 Survivor Pass is no different.

Still, expect a mix of the usual — skins, G-Coins, emotes, and other cosmetics earned through completing missions.


What are PUBG Season 11 Survivor Pass Challenges?

Same here, but we’ll update once we know more.

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