PUBG New State Climbs to 17 Million Pre-Registrations Following Alpha Test

While other games celebrate hitting 100,000 pre-registrations across two massive platforms, KRAFTON has announced that PUBG New State pre-registration numbers have hit the staggering 17 million milestone on just Android alone. The data does not include that of big PUBG Mobile countries China, India, or Vietnam.

The news comes just a few short days after a weekend-long PUBG New State alpha test, which also marked players' first hands-on experience with the new take on the battle royale classic.

Pre-registration numbers for PUBG: New State showing how activity skyrocketed to 17 million following the game's alpha test.
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After a sharp climb to 10 million pre-registrations when the game was first announced earlier in the year, progress had almost plateaued. Once the alpha test went live over the weekend, pre-registrations skyrocketed to 17 million as gameplay and impressions hit the internet.

What is PUBG New State?

The pseudo-sequel to PUBG Mobile, which is being handled by IP holder KRAFTON directly as opposed to Tencent's LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, will bring drastically increased visual fidelity to the battle royale's mobile presence.

PUBG Mobile is one of the top-grossing mobile titles of all time. Between it and its Chinese counterpart Peacekeeper Elite/Game for Peace, the game has added an estimated $3.5 billion to Tencent's coffers according to data from Sensor Tower.

Though it has never been billed as a sequel, PUBG: New State comes across as the natural evolution of the battle royale classic, bringing advanced graphics and a brand-new map to the franchise.

When Will PUBG: New State Release?

There's no word currently on when exactly PUBG: New State is set to launch. As we inch closer to it, however, KRAFTON has begun to share more about the game, its technology, and its new maps. You can read our own impressions of the Alpha test here.

Is PUBG: New State Coming to iOS?

KRAFTON has also announced that iOS pre-registration will open in Q3 2021, confirming that plans are in place to launch the title on the Apple App Store in the future.

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