PUBG Mobile Season 12: Weapons Tier List And The Best Weapons To Use

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PUBG Mobile Season 12 is kicking off very soon and if you're jumping on, you'll need to know what are the best weapons to use!

PUBG Mobile made its way to the small screen nearly two years ago, but quickly developed its own meta and player base for those who want to take their Battle Royale on the go.


Season 11's meta may shape up very differently to Season 12 - not to mention that the small screen comes with its own limitations, and weapons that may work well in PUBG on PC may not translate to the mobile version.

However, we’ve got you covered and sorted the best weapons from the worst in Season 12.

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S Tier


This Assault Rifle is only found in supply drops for a reason. Its high rate of fire and huge damage output puts it right at the top of our list.

However, this is a rare weapon, so be careful when approaching the supply drop as there may be a couple of sniper rifles aimed at the vicinity and a strong enemy presence. It’s worth the risk for this powerful rifle.



Another supply drop-only weapon, the AWM Sniper Rifle is devastatingly accurate.

What’s more, it has the power to penetrate through a Level 3 helmet with a headshot.

Get yourself a big scope like an 8x and some high ground to take out other players from hundreds of metres away before they’ve even noticed you.



This Light Machine Gun just makes its way into the S Tier because of its utility and versatility.


You can pick it up and grab some kills without any attachments at all.

Try to find a red dot sight to at least improve your accuracy, but the huge magazine and low recoil mean you can take out enemies at close range with ease.

The automatic fire also helps if you’re struggling with accuracy after making the move to the tiny screen.

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A Tier


Unsurprisingly, the best weapons are those found in supply drops, and the M24 is no exception.


This powerful Sniper Rifle is quite similar to the Kar98K that you may have more experience using, but simply does a lot more damage.

If you practice with your accuracy, Sniper Rifles can be devastating in PUBG Mobile, especially when firing upon an unsuspecting opponent.


The Uzi is actually a fairly weak weapon, but it really comes into its own once you’ve added all the attachments.

Your first port of call will be to add an extended quickdraw magazine to the Submachine Gun and then find a stock and barrel stabilizer.

With all of those equipped, the Uzi offers an incredible amount of DPS at extremely close range. Combine with an Assault Rifle to cover all your bases.




The final weapon available in those hotly-contested supply crates is the AUG. Fairly powerful with very little recoil, this is a perfect Assault Rifle for those who want to be accurate with their shots.

Second, only to the Groza in the AR tier listing, the AUG is well worth picking up and only improves with attachments.


This weapon has an incredible 100-bullet magazine, so you will never need to reload in the middle of a firefight.

However, make sure you do reload between fights, as it sure takes a while.



The M416 can be easily found across the maps, especially in loot-heavy areas like cities.

A pretty versatile Assault Rifle, you can select single-fire and equip a 4x scope to maximise your range and accuracy or keep it burst or automatic with an extended magazine if you’re planning on getting up close and personal.

High DPS and ease of access to its 5.56mm ammo make this the perfect beginner’s rifle.

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B Tier


The recoil of the SCAR-L is a letdown, for sure, but equipping attachments can mitigate this to some extent.


Still, the SCAR-L is worth picking up in the early game but is definitely replaceable with any of the Assault Rifles above it in this list.


Our first Marksman Rifle on the list, the SLR can be deadly in the hands of a competent player.

However, mastering the huge recoil can take a long time, so make sure you know what you’re doing before letting loose with this.

The fire rate and damage make it a better choice than the SKS.


The most easily accessible Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile, you’ll no doubt see the Kar98K lying about on your travels.


It lacks a pure power that other Sniper Rifles have, but it’s a reasonable choice to ply your trade.

Good for laying down accurate covering fire while your teammates push the enemy position, but you may find yourself nicking a few kills with it.



The SKS is essentially a worse version of the SLR. If you’re a deft hand at reducing the recoil, then pick it up until you find its superior brother for sure, but it lacks the damage output to make up for the difficulty to use.


The AKM does great damage, but, as with many B Tier weapons, the recoil makes it tricky to be completely accurate.


Use the burst fire mode and a barrel stabiliser to somewhat mitigate these issues, but as Assault Rifles go, it’s fairly basic.


The M16A4, unfortunately, suffers from the same problems as the AKM. Lots of recoil makes it difficult to land enough hits on opponents to make the damage worthwhile.

The M16 will always be outclassed by Sniper Rifles at range, the Uzi close-up, and is the recoil does you no favours at mid-distance.

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C Tier



Yes, I know we said that the AUG was the final supply crate-only weapon in this list, but that’s only because the Mk14 really isn’t worth picking up.

If ever you’re in need of a fully automatic Marksman Rifle, then this is the weapon for you, however, we’ve never found ourselves needing such a rifle.

It simply fills a niche that didn’t need filling and is outclassed in every area by other ARs, MRs, or SRs.


The Mini14 could be a good practise rifle, as it has very little recoil. However, this also means that it doesn’t do very much damage.

The lack of punch really sets this Marksman Rifle back from its competitors but could be used situationally in the early-game before you’ve found too many weapons.



The UMP9 is the SMG version of the Mini14. It has a similarly low recoil but also sacrifices DPS for this.

Again, in a close firefight it could come in handy, but if you find an Uzi or AR, they’ll serve you much better for longer in the match.


Shotguns can work well in the gritty early periods of matches, and the fully automatic S12K can surprise opponents with its high rate of fire.

Ditch it as soon as you leave a city or find something better, as it will be next to useless in the endgame.

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D Tier



Get as close as you can to an opponent before firing with the S868, as the Shotgun is far more powerful up close and personal.

This comes with its own troubles, of course, but if you stumble upon an enemy without a weapon you may grab an early kill.


The beauty of the VSS is that it needs no attachments. You’ll find it with a built-in scope and suppressor, making it an easy pick-up early game.

However, it doesn’t do enough damage to warrant keeping hold of, and the bullet drop is difficult to master.


The Vector is an SMG with a low ammo capacity. That’s all you need to know really.


An extended magazine will help, but the Vector still won’t deal enough damage to warrant one of your precious weapon slots.


Incredibly powerful, the Win94 struggles because it can’t take any attachments.

That’s what you get for picking up a 100-year-old rifle, though. They didn’t have 8x scopes in 1894, you know.

Tommy Gun

This is another outdated weapon and simply lacks the power or precision to be useful in any fight.

It’s quite funny to watch your character reload a huge dish magazine, though.



The last WW1 weapon in PUBG Mobile is a Shotgun. This is outclassed by more modern iterations like the S12K, which are situational at the best of times themselves.

If it’s the only thing you can find, sure, go for it, but you’ll need a lot of luck to make it into the top 90 if it’s all you can get.


The fact that a headshot is an instant kill may tempt you to the Crossbow, but literally everything else about the weapon is terrible. Don’t do it. Seriously, don’t.

Unless you want to friendly fire your teammates so they’ve got arrows sticking out of them because that can be really funny. Do not try with strangers. Or at home.