PUBG Mobile: Update 0.16.0 Patch Notes Released

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PUBG Corp have released patch notes for the PUBG Corp 0.16.0 update coming out tomorrow. 

Evoground Mode - RageGear


EvoGround is the replacement to the games old event mode. The new 0.16.0 update introduces RageGear. How it works is relatively simple:

Players are divided into two teams and randomly assigned to be the driver or the shooter. The shooter will be given powerful weapons such as the mounted gatling, mounted shotgun and mounted RPG to use against enemy vehicles. 

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The shooter isn’t the only one that gets to blow things up. The driver also has the ability to fire weapons while driving adding a level of skill needed to play the role well. 

Teams will gain 1 point for destroying an enemy vehicle and will win by hitting the target score first.


Classic Mode - Snow Paradise


Snow Paradise will give PUBG players a Winter-themed map whereby they will have the ability to snowboard and take cable cars to get to where they need to go.

Classic Mode has also introduced the ability for players to heal while moving with the tradeoff that they will be much slower than players who aren’t healing. Bandages can also be continuously used to restore health.

Alongside all of this, the update brings with it a whole range of significant changes such as weapon updates (like the AWM, Shotgun nerf and SMG, Crossbow, S12K, Bolt Action Sniper Rifle buffs) and performance improvements.

For the full patch notes you can visit here. The game can be downloaded on all iOS and Android devices and requires 670Mb of storage to download.

Written byOllie East@EastOllie