PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 5 RP Missions Guide

We warned you! Now that we're past the halfway mark, the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 5 RP missions are proof that things are starting to get tough. Whether you're F2P or P2P, you have a challenge on your hands this time around.

Whether you're here just to take a peek at this week's missions or need a little help getting through them, we have the answers down below. Here is the PUBG Mobile S19 Week 5 RP missions list and some handy tips and tricks to get you through them.

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PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 5 RP Missions - Free Mission List

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Revive teammates 36 times in Classic mode

As a friend mission, you don't actually have to revive 36 teammates in Classic mode. That would be insane. So long as you're playing with buddies, them picking you (or each other) up will count, too.

The best way to go about something like this is by exploiting Friendly Fire (with people you know) or finding a group on the PUBG Mobile Discord. We're all in the same boat.

Choice Mission #1

  • Land on any rooftop in Pochinki (Erangel) 3 times in Classic mode.
    • if you're flying in from the northwest or southeast, gliding along the main road of Pochinki will turn its row of houses into a runway.
  • Land on any rooftop in Los Leones (Miramar) 3 times in Classic mode.
    • There are options here. The north features three large rooftops, the center-left has two complexes, and the southeast exit has good loot (and a car, maybe).
  • Land on any rooftop in Quarry (Sanhok) 3 times in Classic mode.
    • You'd have to be mad to choose Quarry over the other two options here. If you're after loot, though, this is where you'll find it. Loot and an inescapable fight, that is.

Choice Mission #2

  • Kill 15 enemies with UMP45 in Classic mode.
    • The UMP45 is a truly versatile SMG. With the right scope and recoil-reducing attachments, it can work as a long-range weapon. It's best used in close/medium range, but don't be scared to go long.
  • Eliminate 180 enemies with the UMP45 in Arena.
    • In Arena matches, you absolutely want to get up close and personal with this weapon. The closer the better, honestly.

Pick up Extended Quickdraw Mag in 20 matches in Classic mode

This is a freebie mission. We get them every week. You'll be hard-pressed not to find an Extended Quickdraw Mag in every match, so this is just a case of play to clear.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Week 5 RP Missions - Elite Mission List

PUBG Mobile season 19 rewards.
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Kill 3 enemies within 60 seconds of landing in Classic mode

Now here's a tricky one. The only way you're going to kill three enemies within 60 seconds without top-tier equipment is to beat them to the punch. You need to land first. You can't land late and attempt to sneak attack three people with barely a bullet to your name.

Mash that jump button, land in a high-tier location fast, grab the goods, and prepare to fend off the masses. If possible, lure people in and hide. Once they start fighting amongst themselves, come in for the killing blows.

Choice Mission 3

  • Finish in the Top 10 in Livik 10 times in Classic mode
    • The reason for the higher clear count here is down to Livik only featuring half the lobby size of others. It's easier. Stick to the towns with an SMG or shotgun and you should be golden.
  • Finish in the Top 20 in Sanhok 5 times in Classic mode
    • The secret to surviving in Sanhok is to avoid needing to cross the bridges. If you're chasing the circle over a bridge, someone will meet you there.
  • Finish in the Top 20 in Miramar 5 times in Classic mode
    • Miramar is a big place with no noteworthy chokes to avoid. The best thing to do is stay in the middle of the ring, follow it quickly, and keep your head down. Don't get into any unnecessary fights.

Choice Mission 4

  • Kill 20 enemies with AKM in Classic mode.
    • The AKM is a powerful assualt rifle, but with power comes intense recoil. Stick to medium range and learn to pull down as you fire.
  • Eliminate 200 enemies with the AKM in Arena.
    • In Arena, the AKM can rip through targets with ease. Warehouse or Hangar will be the best maps for this one. Just learn to handle the kick.

Pick up 4x Scope in 10 matches in Classic mode

The 4x scope is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the whole game. Everybody wants it. Nobody will leave it behind.

It spawns just about anywhere, though, making finding one more about luck than anything else. Drop somewhere out of the way (or popular, fast) to stand a better chance at looting one before anyone else.

Last long enough, though, and you'll loot one from someone else. It counts!

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