PUBG Mobile Season 17 LEAKS: Release Date, Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes, Tier Rewards, Skins, Royale Pass And Everything We Know

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PUBG Mobile is now into its seventeenth season.

Players can grab plenty of new cosmetic rewards as part of the Royale Pass, with some crazy new additions including Runic Power mode.

Release Date

Season 17 is out now!

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Patch Notes

The new patch includes:

  • Runic Power Mode
  • Honor building in Metro Royale
  • Cheer Park Runic Power Themed Event
  • Power Armor Mode
  • Famas Rifle
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Royale Pass Content

We’ve seen a few images floating around like the ones below, though even then it’s pretty hard to tell what we could be getting in the PUBG Season 17 Royale Pass.

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Ready for a game of football?

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A Cyberpunk Warrior!

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Where the past meets the future!

The latter two seem to gel into a theme more so than all three but we’ll just have to wait.

When the Season 17 Royale pass releases we’ll be sure to put up a breakdown of all the rewards.

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Royale Pass Price

Assuming the game doesn’t break from its mould, the PUBG Season 7 Royale Pass should keep the same three options.

Free Pass - This is available to everyone, with opportunities to earn Royale Points by completing PUBG missions to rank up!

Elite Pass - Earn rewards faster and have the ability to complete Elite missions that help you rank up faster again!

Elite Plus Pass - On Top of everything in the Elite Pass, you get 25 ranks immediately!

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