PUBG Mobile Season 11: Royale Pass Rewards, Outfits And Battle Pass Information For Android and iOS

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With PUBG Mobile Season 11 available worldwide since January 10th, it's time to dive right in and crush everybody between you and that delicious chicken dinner.

Similarly to past seasons, a new battle pass and rewards will be available for players to grind out over the course of the season with plenty of tasty prizes.


The online multiplayer battle royale game will bring new skins with the royale pass and plenty of other goodies for players to get their hands on.

So what will the Royale Pass feature in PUBG Mobile Season 11? Here's everything you need to know.


What Is The Royale Pass?

The Royale Pass works very similarly to the Battle Pass.

Players purchase the Royale Pass, that allows them to rank up through the tiers and unlock rewards along the way with the better rewards featured at the end of the spectrum.

Two Royale Passes?

Classified YT, a prominent PUBG Mobile leaker, revealed details about PUBG Season 11 bringing in TWO Royale Passes.


This includes the following:

  • Elite Upgrade - 600 UC
  • Elite Upgrade Plus - 1800 UC

The Free Pass will give players the opportunity to earn Royale Points from missions, items and crates to rank up and collect rewards.

The Elite Pass gives players better rewards and they will rank up faster via elite missions - they will immediately get 4000 UC of rewards.

The Elite Pass Plus includes everything offered by Elite Pass, and grants 25 ranks at 40% off compared to Elite Pass - you will also get 10,000 UC worth of rewards immediately.


What Is Included In The Royale Pass?

The Royale Pass will play host to plenty of new items, here are the confirmed items:


Level 1-10

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 1-10

Level 11-20

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 11-20

Level 21-30

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 21-30

Level 31-40

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 31-40

Level 41-50

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 41-50

Level 51-60

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 51-60

Level 61-70

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 61-70

Level 71-80

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 71-80

Level 81-90

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 81-90

Level 91-100

pub mobile season 11 royale pass level 91-100

Gun Skins

Plenty of leaks have emerged that new weapon skins will arrive in PUBG Mobile Season 11.

Its been confirmed that we will get a new M416 and M762 skin.



We're also being treated to a new pan, helmet and backpack skin.

Players will receive a new MK14 skin once they hit diamond tier.


It's also been rumoured that the Kar98k will receive an exclusive Season 11 skin and there have been mentions of the SKS, M16A4 and Uzi getting news skins.


There are new outfits to be grabbed from the Royale Pass.


The new sci-fi based outfit can be obtained for reaching Royale Pass level 100.

pubg mobile season 11 royale pass outfit

While the second outfit is awarded once you hit gold tier:

pubg mobile season 11 royale pass red and black outfit

You'll also receive a parachute skin once you hit Ace tier.

Players can also obtain the Begonia Witch Set.

This comes with an M4 skin and outfit - available from the 9th-14th January 2020.

begonia witch set pubg mobile season 11

Release Date

With so many exciting things coming to PUBG Mobile, when can we expect to see it?

PUBG Season 10 began on the 8th November and ends on the 3rd January 2020.


The new PUBG update Season 11 began on January 10th 2020.

The season will be last roughly 8 weeks with each week having several missions separately for normal and elite players who have purchased the royale pass.



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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91